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Thank you for visiting my site and welcome to the next step of your yoga journey!

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning "yoke" or "union".  Yoga, as a practice, is one of India's six ancient philosophies originating over 5000 years ago as a system of psychological and physical practices.  These practices enhance physical, mental, and emotional awareness and balance.  Yoga can be practiced at anytime and in any location.  The practice of yoga teaches us to live life with more compassion for ourselves and others, as we quiet the chaos inside and out.
The benefits of yoga  are many, including:  increased flexibility, stronger muscles, improved posture, reduced stress, increased body awareness, and a calm, clear, relaxed mind.
Our classes are a Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga.  Vinyasa means "to place in a special way" but is commonly called "flow".  Hatha  is literally translated as "physical", or we can break it down into two parts, Ha and Tha.  Ha represents solar or energizing qualities, and Tha represents lunar or relaxing qualities.  The word Hatha  actually invokes the balance of opposites.  
Our Hatha Yoga practice, in a Vinyasa style, will help us balance our bodies and minds through various flowing sequences of poses.
As we begin, or continue our yoga practice, let's remember that yoga is a  journey, and everyone's journey will be different.  We all come to our yoga practice when we are ready to embark on this journey; when we are ready to explore and move more deeply into a relationship with ourselves and our world.  Let's focus on enjoying the process every step of the way, rather than trying to rush through in order to reach some kind of destination.  Let's remember to breathe, feel, and listen to our bodies; letting go of competition with, or judgment toward, ourselves and others.  In this way, we may find ourselves truly present, and fully involved in our experience.
With a variety of class offerings from which to choose, I'm  sure you'll find something that suits your needs throughout your journey. If you are new to a yoga practice, this "Guidelines for a Yoga Practice" may answer some of your additional questions.  Also, look around the website and if you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to our journey together!
Jill B.

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